Posted by: xazaquan | February 17, 2010

Rabbit Grower Pellets

This is one of the product the product that I buy recently for my rabbits. From the research I have conducted by reading some blog, internet and some experience explanation from some experience breeder, I thought the best for rabbit right now is this FFM brand. The way of ZR rabbits react on this brand quit good than the other products. I bought this brand at Banting. This is one of the brand that I tried to find in this few month.

From the side view, this pellet is for growing rabbits. ZR rabbits are still in the stage of less than 6 month rabbit, so I think this is the periods for them to grow maximize to be a good breeding rabbit.

For the mean time, look likes my rabbit happy and more appetite than the other type of pellets. As long they happy with their food & grow properly, I feel glad & please. Hope you’ll can try.



  1. Can give the contact whom you bought this brand of pellets? I also want to try.

    • Contact no I didn’t have becoz I buy the pellets at kedai runcit located at Banting. Sorry lor….

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